I’m Martin Feld, a media researcher, podcaster and photography enthusiast from Wollongong, Australia. Feld Foto is devoted to what I think are my best images, along with extended writing about my photographic experiences.

I enjoy taking a variety of shots, but I particularly like exploring the coast and observing the weirdness of suburbia. I shoot mainly with an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV, which is a fantastic mirrorless camera for street photography due to its compactness and portability; still, it’s great for other genres and its design and compatibility with numerous Micro Four Thirds lenses makes it feel like a miniature DSLR.

In addition to the main feed, you can enter search terms, view a grid of all of my photos or browse the full archive with categories.

Learn more about my other projects and interests at martinfeld.info. If you’re into Glass, you can visit my profile there to see and comment on my photos.